ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Tour Happy Hour [Part IV]

Thank you for joining my LIVE happy hour Art Tour last Friday! This was episode IV. I know many people are heading back to real life and business as usual, as well as their favorite Friday night happy hours, but for now you can still find me right here hosting my art tour at home… not forever, but for now at least. Don’t worry- if you can’t catch us LIVE on @iamlauramadden, please check out my YouTube channel and my Instagram for the replays.

As I shared in an earlier post, my happy hour art tours developed from my time at home and realizing a need to connect with more people, while marketing and showing my art. I also hope to share something entertaining and inspiring with you during this unusual and somewhat uncertain time. Beauty and humor heal!

If you really just want to be entertained- skip right to minute 10, where my cameraman (ie. my husband) and I completely lose it. Luckily we were able to pull it together and finish the tour.

As promised, I showed up with cocktail dress on and cocktail in hand. This week I went with the vodka martini- second week in a row. I end up spilling most of it on the floor… so maybe I’ll switch back to my Champs this week.

Be Kind, 17.5" x 19", $150