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ReFashioned Art on Exhibit at Foundre: Contemporary

I am thrilled to share that I currently am showing two pieces of work at downtown gallery Foundre: Contemporary, part of the FOCAL POINTS: Minimal VS Maximal Exhibit, which runs until March. I can hardly express in words how much this means to me have my work in this iconic contemporary arts space in downtown Phoenix.

Before I even started ReFashioned Art as a business, I always thought 'how cool would it be to have my art here...' It took a few years, but I am here! I hope you will check out THE FOCAL POINTS EXHIBIT for more - it is an incredible show exhibiting exclusively local talent. All items available for sale.

Magik, 36” x 48”

Magik: This piece was truly a happy accident… sometimes life shows you a little magic. I wanted to create something modern, abstract, fashionable- something to bring a cool factor to your walls- which is the intention I start just about all of pieces with. I wasn't thinking of something as minimal as this came out, but as I moved through the phases of creating a piece of art- when you know it's done, it's done!

There's this feeling of harmony and peace- as elusive as that may sound, it's true. I work entirely on intuition. Whatever comes to me in the moment- that is what I do. Creating art is maybe the only thing I have ever attempted in my life that I haven't completely doubted myself about... And Magik is what I got with this one. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Self Portrait; 17.5” x 21” framed in museum glass

Self Portrait: I completed this piece in 2019 just when deciding to take the leap and pursue my art professionally. Self Portrait is not so much a literal title as it is metaphorical. My work in fashion as a model and influencer was still very much a part of my life/ but was feeling this pull to come farther over here… like I was trying to straddle two worlds… working in fashion will always have a place in my life but for this time my Art has taken center stage- something even two years ago felt like a far away fantasy.

excuse me while I 'selfie' with my self portrait

Modeling my art...

It continues to amaze me how experiences can shape us. I felt exceptionally grateful for the arts support in this town from the very start of starting ReFashioned Art and pursuing my art professionally. Artlink especially was the 1st organization I joined & it unquestionably gave me confidence to step more fully into this new stage of my life.

Thank you to the arts community here and all of you for following and keeping up with my journey. It means so much to have your support! If you are interested in any of the shown items, please contact me [HERE].

I have so much more to share- new projects, new work, a whole new chapter... as soon as I can share more, I will. Right here. with you!




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