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ReFashioned Art x Goodwill Flip Event 2020

Modeling the art I rescued from Goodwill (the before).

If only I could live in a world of fashion + art… upcycled and repurposed of course! Tomorrow is my lucky day! I will be one of the featured influencers at tomorrow’s Goodwill Flip Event (details below), along with James Judge (@thehousejudge) and Meg Mag (@thehouseofmag).

Shown here modeling the art I rescued from Goodwill (the before). The ‘ReFashioned’ transformation of this 40” x 50” piece of art will be revealed tomorrow - THURSDAY, 2/20, 6-8pm at the Goodwill Flip Event (details below)

I hope you will join us tomorrow, February 20th from 6 PM - 8 PM at the Scottsdale and Thunderbird Goodwill store for a live Goodwill Flip demonstration. You’ll get the opportunity to meet us all and ask any furniture or home decor up-cycle questions you may have while we each perform a live demo flipping a Goodwill piece we’ve chosen ahead of time.!

For more Goodwill Flip details, click here:

A little more on how this ReFashioned Art upcyling thing all started for me….

What started out as an environmental stance, more of a trial and almost a dare to myself just over four years ago has today turned into my way of life. Sustainability truly is my lifestyle; it is my choice. It is even like an obsession- because I really am obsessed with continuing to find ways I can be more sustainable in my everyday life. And, of course, sharing them with all of you as well!

Vintage gold frames- one of my favorite Goodwill finds

Even though I have been interested in the environment my entire life (recycling, using less plastic, cooking my own food), it really started with clothing for me after watching the True Cost documentary in July 2015. After learning for the first time that the fashion industry was one of the most polluting industries in the world, I was crushed.

How could something I loved so much, be so dirty and creating so much destruction on the planet!?

I was a huge part of the problem, and I knew I had to change. And I did, right then and there.

So I thought I’d start shopping secondhand for clothing- well… for at least one month. One turned into two, three, and before I knew it I was closing out the year shopping mostly secondhand. Not only did I surprise myself, I surprised others.

People started noticing- my style! So… I was hooked. Today, it is simply common sense to me. Yes- I do still shop secondhand as an environmental stance- to make a point. But it is also some of the best shopping ever, I have come to realize.

Fast forward about four years…I have always been an artist, well to fill the walls of my own home at least, and sometimes gifts for family. But one day I realized that I could repurpose artwork sold at thrift stores and such. If I was doing it with clothes- why not this?

I was amazed at how awesome this works. Fast forward a little bit down the road, and I have now branded my art as ReFashioned Art and am selling it as a product. All items are upcycled, meaning they are repurposed. It is super fun, challenging, and entirely purpose driven. It feels really good!

Just like with my work as a fashion advocate and influencer, my art is another way to create a narrative around sustainability and upcyling and to start the conversation around style and sustainability.


I created ReFashioned Art for two main reasons:

1. Sustainability and sharing sustainable lifestyle choices everyone can employ.

2. A stylish lifestyle, and to inspire others to create this for themselves, on their own.


I believe that everyone can create their own art. THERE ARE NO RULES. It feels awesome to create something with your own hands and to have that displayed in your own home or work space… and it makes for great conversation in case you happen to be hosting a cocktail party of your own soon. How’s that for an ice breaker! You can thank me later.

See you tomorrow! Stay tuned for behind the scenes on both my own Instagram and Goodwill. Cheers!!

Photos courtesy of Goodwill

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