ReFashioned Art x Goodwill Flip Event 2020

Modeling the art I rescued from Goodwill (the before).

If only I could live in a world of fashion + art… upcycled and repurposed of course! Tomorrow is my lucky day! I will be one of the featured influencers at tomorrow’s Goodwill Flip Event (details below), along with James Judge (@thehousejudge) and Meg Mag (@thehouseofmag).

Shown here modeling the art I rescued from Goodwill (the before). The ‘ReFashioned’ transformation of this 40” x 50” piece of art will be revealed tomorrow - THURSDAY, 2/20, 6-8pm at the Goodwill Flip Event (details below)

I hope you will join us tomorrow, February 20th from 6 PM - 8 PM at the Scottsdale and Thunderbird Goodwill store for a live Goodwill Flip demonstration. You’ll get the opportunity to meet us all and ask any furniture or home decor up-cycle questions you may have while we each perform a live demo flipping a Goodwill piece we’ve chosen ahead of time.!

For more Goodwill Flip details, click here:

A little more on how this ReFashioned Art upcyling thing all started for me….

What started out as an environmental stance, more of a trial and almost a dare to myself just over four years ago has today turned into my way of life. Sustainability truly is my lifestyle; it is my choice. It is even like an obsession- because I really am obsessed with continuing to find ways I can be more sustainable in my everyday life. And, of course, sharing them with all of you as well!

Vintage gold frames- one of my favorite Goodwill finds