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ReFashionTalk LIVE + Sustainable Shopping

ReFashion: Reuse, Repair, Restyle, Rewear

ReFashionTalk LIVE. As a result of our ‘stay at home’ order during this global pandemic we are all experiencing I decided to launch an IG LIVE series called ReFashionTalk LIVE every Monday + Friday 11am PST.

There are many reasons behind my decision to start this- hoping to offer something to be of service to someone, missing social connections, using past perfectionism, knowing my videos are not perfect- and really just wanting to fill my time doing something I love- talking about fashion- style, sustainability and self-esteem- all those things I’ve been writing about for so many years now.

Well, I can’t ignore it any longer- the time has come- I need to stop writing so much about them- and start speaking more about these very same things….forever long winded- that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (wink)

ReFashion- the reinvention of our relationship to fashion. 

Reimagine, Repurpose, Restyle, Rewear. It’s good for the planet. 

What do I mean by ReFashion? ReFashion is my word for the reinvention of our relationship to fashion and how we use it. It is essentially using Fashion for good- to make ourselves feel good and to do good for the planet.

It was almost 5 years ago now that I came to this. I wrote the word ReFashion in a journal in 2015. I also wrote that it was ‘the reinvention and the reimagination of our relationship to fashion.’ That, I was crystal clear on. I was my own personal journey that I was referring to, but also what I felt was needed in the world.

Last January (2019) I found that very journal and actually opened right to that page while purging a box of old journals I’d hung on to for way too long. I decided to rename my blog ReFashion Report.

Later that year, I decided to brand my art ReFashioned Art, and start selling it. Today, here we are, at home, in the midst of a time we have never known before. We are all being turned upside down, living a life we never dreamed of. And we are all being asked to reinvent ourselves in some way, shape or form.

My silver lining: This time has served as a catalyst to reinvent certain areas of my life that may have needed reinventing. (such a Taurus thing- we like to hold on tight to the way things are until we have no choice but to change)

My recently launched IG LIVE series ReFashionTalk LIVE was one of those ‘reinventions.’ I love to talk, and I actually really love to talk on camera (for some strange reason). But- I also felt ‘I NEEDED to DO some-thing. Some-thing to maybe offer some inspiration and positivity into someone’s day. To serve in a way I hadn’t yet been. How could I serve?

I asked myself ‘What could I share that might help someone, somewhere?’ I decided to just start talking about what I love to talk about most- fashion. BUT- not only fashion- the reinvention and reimagination of our relationship to fashion. aha….

I talk about things I feel are relevant in fashion right now, such as sustainability, self-esteem and shopping in a more conscious way. But more importantly, I am answering your questions.

I don’t know for how long I’ll be sharing these ReFashion segments, but for now, I want them to mainly be dictated by your questions. So please, send me your questions- anything relating to style and sustainability, shopping, styling and self-esteem, the psychology of clothes, creativity- I’m open.

I love fashion. I love getting dressed and I love to shop. And that will never change. But it can't come at the expense of the environment. I believe it is our responsibility to do what we can for our planet. 

We all wear clothes. Therefor we are all fashion decision makers, and we have an opportunity to be fashion change makers. 

13 million tons of textiles are thrown in landfill every year in the US alone. We can all be fashion change-makers. This is how I choose to do my part. 

I hope you'll join me every Monday and Friday, 11am PST on ReFashionTalk LIVE. Don't worry if you miss us though, all segments are now up on my YouTube Channel (here) and will be saved in my @iamlauramadden IGTV as well.

Thank you to those who have left thought comments and questions these last few weeks! Please keep sending your fashion, sustainability + lifestyle questions to be answered live on a future segment. It really means a lot and gives me purpose!

If you like my style, love fashion & you care about the environment, please follow me on Instagram @iamlauramadden for sustainable fashion and lifestyle content AND ReFashionTalk LIVE where I talk about sustainable styling tips and answer viewer questions every Monday + Friday 11am PST. Send me your questions. 

Follow me on my Instagram art page @ReFashionedArt where I share my upcycled art. All pieces are originals, all for sale, all upcycled, made using repurposed materials. 

Please sign the Remake #PayUp petition to help millions of garment workers around the world get paid and save lives.



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