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RFA featured on Scottsdale Vibes Media Podcast

My latest media feature... Thank you to Alicia Haygood, founder of Scottsdale Vibes Media and podcast for inviting me on to talk about my work and the journey to ReFashioned Art. Of course we Also discussed my work as a sustainable fashion advocate and influencer because fashion will always be a part of my life and will always influence my artwork. AND We even filmed the interview LIVE so you can watch too!

I've had a lot of great media features lately, and I'm not gonna lie, I really love it! I am super grateful for all the people, publications & podcasts that have shown up to support me in such a big way. Quite honestly, one of my favorite parts of my work is talking about my work (really 😆).

I have actually been featured in a number of publications and podcasts lately (more coming soon to my site- promise!), and all have been super high vibe, revealing and challenging all at the same time! Sometimes interviews are almost like personal coaching sessions. I always learn so much about myself!

Local love Scottsdale Vibes Podcast (Instagram @scottsdalevibespodcast)

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Thank you for these kind words Scottsdale Vibes Media!!
"We all know it's time to take care of the earth. Reusing materials, less driving, and recycling are just a few ways to live a more a sustainable life. Our neighbor & artist Laura Madden practices this in her everyday life. From consignment shopping to her beautiful art, she teaches us to find beauty in what you may see as trash."

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"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." ―Babe Ruth


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