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San Francisco 10 year Anniversary Fashion Community Week

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Today, it has been one whole month since traveling home from my trip to San Francisco to work on our 10th anniversary Fashion Community Week. It was a huge success and a feel-good time all around- the fashion, the culture, diversity, and of course seeing my community there- the company. To be honest, at that point in time, I could not be more excited to sit down and write about this incredible experience here.

Also, just about this time, the Corona Virus was coming to be a global crisis. In the week’s that transpired, I took upon a self-quarantine because I have a compromised immune system and was, quite transparently, feeling a bit vulnerable. It has been the most interesting experience, one that I most certainly will be sharing more of at another time.

I think for all of us this has been like one big experiment- one big personal growth challenge. For me, at least, it has been. I have had the hardest time sitting down at my computer and writing- and have not even written a thing until now… one whole month.

What I’ve learned- I’m fine. Granted, I’ve been plenty busy with other things as well as preoccupied with all that is happening and changing in our world, but for some reason I believe this has forced me to look at this part of my life- and the role that writing plays in my life at the current time.

L-R Nataliia Karpenko, Fauna Solomon, Petra Ostermuenchner, FCW founder Shirin Hashem, Poon Yeung, Charlotte Mayang, myself

I’ve been writing on my blog for about 9 years now- well over 500 blog posts have gone up in that time. I’ve been a published magazine writer for well over 15 years now. Writing has become a part of my identity. It comes easy to me- I have a lot to say lol! But truly, every editor I’ve ever worked with has told me I am a natural’ at putting together a story. Why would I give something up that brings me praise and accolades??? Ego. Yup, I said it.

I’ve known for a long time that I’ve wanted so badly to spend more time in my studio with my art- I have been. A lot. That feels SO GOOD! Without exaggeration… So, I’m spending more time with my art- playing, creating, and re-creating. (more on that to come here too, promise). I also haven’t been speaking as much as I would like and know that I can. Again, I have a lot to say… so, again, it comes pretty easy to me.

So, today, I’ve got technology, the internet, social media- but I’ve also got an insecurity around my lack of tech-sav. I suck at technology. I know it- I own it. It’s a part of who I am… But I digress. Promise- I’ll be doing more speaking- video, LIVEs- despite the fact that I know they won’t be perfect and they probably won’t look very good. But- I’ve got something to say, and I know it is powerful to share… stay tuned.

So, here I am, finally sharing on the 10th anniversary of the San Francisco Fashion Community Week that I am so proud to be a part of, as both a board member and a show host. I’ve been hosting shows for FCW since I started with them in September 2016. Fashion Community Week is an Award winning non-profit organization focused on providing a powerful marketing and business platform for fashion, beauty and technology industries to showcase their products and services.

wearing local Bay Area designer IB BAYO

The biannual event includes a conference, brand presentations, showrooms, a series of fashion shows, pop ups, networking and celebration afterparties! FCW has represented 40 countries from around the globe and this March we welcomed 14 designers from 5 continents to bring their creativity to San Francisco!

Our Spring FCW was not only a milestone for us but a historical moment in San Francisco, having this widespread of global talent come together representing their culture and Fashion in the Bay Area! 

On March 7th, I hosted the 10th edition of our most glamorous production, which is held at the majestic Fairmont Hotel each year spotlighting International designs & Couture collections of designers from around the world. I had the pleasuring of wearing IB BAYO, a local Bay Area designer who was also awarded last Fall’s best designer award.

The takeaways I most want to share that make me love fashion so much.

1. Your voice and your everyday choices may be your most influential & powerful vote in our modern world today. 

2. Support local designers, brands, and shops that are working to be kinder to the environment.

3. If you do buy brand new clothes outside of your local community, consider brands that are committed to sustainability and ethics.

4. Community and relationships are just about everything in this life.

5. Choosing to support people & organizations that are changing the world for the better will go a long way in a time that needs the good to outweigh the bad.

We will see you in September in San Francisco for our 10th Anniversary Fall edition of Fashion Community Week! Thank you for all of your support along the way.




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