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Shopping with Laura Madden ReFashioned Art at Goodwill

Shown with House Flipper + Host James Judge on Fox10 News

I’ve been sharing a lot of my ReFashioned Art lately, from LIVE videos and art demos, to art auctions and art tours in my home, so I thought I’d share another memory from earlier this year (what feels like a lifetime ago). In February I collaborated with Goodwill for the first time about something other than fashion- my art.

I participated in the annual Goodwill Flip Event which typically showcases furniture items that local experts ‘flip’ into something stylish, fresh and new. This year they included me to demonstrate how someone can repurpose art into something that is stylish, modern, and- well- more me. I call it ReFashioning. Hence, why I call it ReFashioned Art.

I’ve been sourcing art from Goodwill to repurpose since I moved here in 2018, so this was a happy moment for me to be able help promote what has been an excellent resource for me to continue doing my craft. Make sure you check out my ‘Shopping with Laura Madden’ video created by the social media marketing team at Goodwill (also excellent). 

Laura shares her artistic tips and stylish ideas for how you can upcycle a unique find into something that is far different from other entries. Watch the video!

I talk about my process of how I source art that I repurpose, what I’m looking for and what makes a piece a complete deal breaker for me. In our video we shopped three separate Goodwill locations to source the perfect pieces for this Goodwill project.

We shopped for two pieces that I would then transform for the Goodwill Flip event three weeks in advance. One of them, shown here, was completed prior to the event at my own home studio. The second piece was used for a live demo I did at the actual Goodwill Flip Event.

The first piece I completed was actually revealed the morning of the event on a live media segment (see this post for details on our Fox News segment and here for the live recording).

On the set of FOX10 News Phoenix



Framed; Currently showing at Renaissance Square, downtown Phoenix, AZ

The second piece (shown here) was used for a live demo at the Goodwill Flip Event that evening, before a live audience- my favorite! This piece has sold.

SOLD (shown completed)

The purpose of ReFashioned Art is to encourage you to look for beauty where it is not normally found & reimagine what you see as trash. 

Thank you to Goodwill for collaborating with me on this project, inviting me to participate in the Goodwill Flip Event and for showing my work.

Photos courtesy of Goodwill.



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