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Silverstone- SOLD

I’ve been sharing a lot of work-in-progress & process videos lately. Why? A large part of my mission in starting ReFashioned Art is to inspire you to create your own art & to create a stylish lifestyle for yourself using what you already have ... I’ve been asked ‘Aren’t you afraid someone’s going to copy you?”My answer- No.

If you try to copy me- mission accomplished. I hope you will start. I hope you will try.

When I started sharing my art and the story behind it with others- the feeling of sharing something I made with my own hands- there are no words. And to surround yourself with art that you feel is beautiful is a total game changer- it is a mood lifter. And I feel it does wonders for your wellbeing.

Silverstone- SOLD

I am so happy to share that this piece has sold to local collector of mine, who also purchased Gold Rush II. She is a local business owner, who truly epitomizes women-supporting-women and I am so proud to have a piece of ReFashioned Art living in her very own home- a super stylish one as well (of course). I hope in sharing my Art that I am catalyst to get as much beauty and art and style into as many people’s homes and lives as I can. Now go- your turn. (see video below)

ReFashioned Art Show LIVE

Silverstone Work in progress Timelapse



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