Sustainable Fashion. Why Should You Care?

Why care? Fashion. Sustainability. The Environment. Our Future.

Why do I care so much about sustainability and fashion? And why am I so convicted that sustainability and style can commingle as one?

A large part of my why is this: About four years ago I learned that I was a huge part of the problem. After watching the documentary True Cost in July 2015, I learned for the first time that the fashion industry has a dirty little secret. HUGE, actually. Sadly, for fashion and environmental lovers like myself, the fashion industry is a hugely polluting industry.

And I, someone that knew for many years that I overindulged when it came to clothes- especially discount shopping, and always thought to myself ‘it’s just shopping- I’m not hurting anyone.’ The irony- I actually was inadvertently hurting plenty of people. Garment workers all over the world.

What I learned is that- unless you are shopping secondhand- if you are paying an unreasonably low (ie. too good to be true) price, like $5 for a T shirt, or $15 for brand new jeans, someone somewhere is paying that price.

Question that good deal! How is a garment priced so low? Because, for starters, garment workers are not being paid fair wages and in some cases are even being abused. Hard to believe, but in the year 2020 slave labor does exist.