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Sustainable Style Tip: Multitaskers

1 dress x 4 ways. Indigenous Designs.

Buy less but better things- Stylish, strategic, smart.

Sustainable style tip: stock your wardrobe with multitasking staples that will stand the test of time, that you can build around, and that afford you to do more with less. 

Some of my favorite sustainable style tips can be applied no matter where you are shopping...

1- Buy multitaskers

2- But with a purpose, intention 

3- timeless 

Take this ultra forever piece- the little black dress. 

  • Timeless? check.

  • Does it have a purpose in my wardrobe? yup.

  • Multitasks? it can be worn many different ways, to different events & with different things- very mix & matchable. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!

This little lbd checks all the boxes, but this dress by San Francisco- based brand Indigenous Designs goes above and beyond, made of organic cotton and fair trade. I trust that the making of their garments respect and empower both people and the planet.  

dress + cardigan made of organic cotton by Indigenous Designs

Indigenous Designs is one such brand that I discovered through Remake’s database of approved brands, which are those committed to both style and ethics. Remake sets the bar high by only endorsing fashion brands that have been screened through their sustainability criteria (learn more here).

This is how I wear my values: I love clothes AND I care a lot about the planet. 

You are a walking advertisement for you! Choose clothing you love and that feel good to you! Use your style to express yourself and wear your values.

Clothing is a powerful too. Your clothing says a lot about you- whether you realize it or not- it does. Voting with your choices, decisions, your purchases… that’s what this is about.

Why not make every item you wear or every purchase you make reflective of your values? Only wear the things you sincerely believe in and can feel good about standing behind. 

Why not make every purchase a celebration of what you believe in & support the people who made your clothes, where they were made and how? 

This is where Fashion & consciousness collide...not only can they go together, they belong together. 

The more aware we are about how important each of the choices we make and the impact it has on the world, we will choose better, and the better off this world will be.

Thank you Remake for your thoughtful conscious consumer campaign #wearyourvalues and Indigenous Designs for making it easier than ever to do so.

Make sure you follow @remakeworld on Instagram for continuous content to help you become a conscious consumer and use fashion for good.

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