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The Fashion Issue, Green Living Magazine September 2021

Is it just me- or is circular (or sustainable) fashion getting cooler by the day? If you're in my crowd, then the answer is unequivocally YES!! Sustainable fashion may still be a very broad blanket term encompassing everything from vintage to upcycled to shopping local brands- but one thing is for sure, people are into it!

As far as I am concerned, if you're not shopping secondhand, you are missing out!

I am thrilled to share a preview of The Fashion Issue, Green Living Magazine, September 2021. I am very proud to be a part of this spread featuring all secondhand fashion. In collaboration with Green Living Magazine publisher and good friend, Dorie Morales, I hand-picked each of the clothing sources shown here. All items were local fashion, upcycled, and vintage- what I consider sustainable.


This is what I believe in. I want to share how exciting and beautiful a time this is to be a part of fashion. Even if that’s as the consumer, we all have a role to play, and it starts with awareness of how this industry works. We have so many choices every single day to choose better- just for starters shop local, shop small, independent brands.

look by EC Style Method

More BTS

There are so many beautiful (and shown here) stylish ways to be a part of the sustainable fashion movement. Thank you to our fashion team Ruby Farias (Ruby Farias Designs), Amanda Jacobs (Classic Reclaim), Ebony Whitaker (Time Capsule Vintage), Claudia Karim, Glitter and Stitches Vintage, and Laura Taylor (Vintage by Design AZ). Photos by photographer Aaron Blakburn. Special thank you to Dorie Morales, publisher, for believing in me.

I hope you’ll pick up an issue and let us know what is your favorite look! Cheers!!



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