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The L O V E Exhibit: Fashion x Art

Finding the words to describe my emotions for what this exhibit, event and entire experience has meant to me... It was simply magical. The most fun and creatively stretched I've been in a very long time, and so so blessed and grateful for this experience.

The L O V E Exhibit

I was chosen by the ARTLINK Art Council to take part in the 9th Annual Art d'Core Gala to create a custom exhibit in partnership with Fashion Designer and ARTLINK Art Council Member Ruby Farias.

There were 15 artist collaborations, which spanned all aspects of AZ arts + culture- visual, motion, dance, fashion, culinary, mixology. The theme was Forces of Attraction and they really nailed it!

Fashions by Ruby Farias

Ruby and I decided on black + white color palette (my favorite!) with touches of gold, and was based on our LOVE for our crafts. Our Artist Statement:

Fashion + Art
From afar our design reveals the driving force of why these energies belong together. Our collaboration is based on our love for fashion and art: Laura's artwork, highly influenced by Ruby’s fashion and anchored in the merging of style & sustainability, was brought to life by Ruby’s own art career, repurposing a collection of canvases no longer in use. The chosen color palette represents an ever fashionable and chic aesthetic, mirrored in Ruby’s custom one of a kind fashion & handbags, and Laura’s custom artwork. [The Fashion mirrors the art and vice versa]

The accessories: One of a kind creations by @rubyfariasdesigns and what I consider the apex of style x sustainability. Ruby designed a series of handbags using salvaged canvased that I painted… What could be more exclusive. Fashion is Art at it's finest. What could be better...

The exhibit consists of 244 salvaged canvases - all are for sale and would love to find a buyer for the entire install, possibly a corporate office, hotel or boutique that would have the space to properly display the value and energy of this art. 211 pieces are 2D, 33 are 3D. This spans 25.5' wide and 9.5' at the tallest point. If you happen to know anyone that might be interested, please send them my way.

Ultra Stylish Guests




Always dressing for the art...

My look: Vintage dress + accessories + Upcycled Cape I made for the event.



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