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The ReFashion Report

A long overdue ‘Welcome to my new blog!’

This blog, which I have named The ReFashion Report, will be many things in the coming of time. This is a place to document and share how I am choosing to live a sustainable and stylish life. This is a place where I ‘report’ on personal style- style as it relates to sustainability and self-esteem- and how your style relates to yourself, others, and the environment-matters of great importance in my life.

This is where fashion and consciousness collide.

I also see the ReFashion Report as a place to build my creative resume, an outlet to express and hone my own personal style- of writing, speaking, styling, and dressing even my own self. As we evolve in mind, our style changes. Whatever we want to see on the outside is intimately intermingled with what we are feeling and believing on the inside.

The ReFashion Report blog is a place to document and share how I am choosing to live a sustainable and stylish life.

Style is an expression of self, for me my favorite art form. Style is also a tool with which we can craft a persona, an image. If we wish, our style can articulate a reputation, what we wish to be remembered as. We can empower, or if we are not careful to stay true, disempower ourselves with our dress.

Of great importance to this new website and blog is to not take style so seriously, but to place greater importance on actually having fun with our wardrobes. A lot of fun!

There are no rules. I don’t do formulas. Just feelings.

I dress according to my intuition and in response to how I feel. I know- I did just say there are no rules, but I guess these are my rules… to listen to that little voice within, your creative Self, to dress as your heart desires and to only dress in forms that make you feel on top of the world.

I may be Earthy, but I am not crunchy.

I am also placing an even greater importance on the concept of no compromise with both my work and this blog. For two reasons:

  1. My continued focus is on sustainable fashion; I will not compromise my commitment to only supporting, promoting, and raising the value of sustainable fashion, whether it be brands and secondhand sources, or a way of being, shopping and curating a more conscious wardrobe.

  2. I am here to squash the stigmas around sustainability and that it signifies a sacrifice of style, luxury, or convenience. It simply is not true. Being and living sustainable does not mean you have to look like a treehugger- or even live like one. I, for sure, am not a treehugger. Thrift queen- yes. But not a tree hugger.

Fashion, a love story

On another note, and one I plan to reveal in greater detail in due time, ReFashion is about rewriting our relationship to fashion. It is about my life experience with fashion, a lifelong love story. I have been able to rewrite my relationship with fashion as I’ve learned how it connects with sustainability and our self-esteem. I want to share how I’ve done that here, and help you do it too! It feels really good. I promise!

Just a teaser: ReFashion addresses three main concepts, which I’ll wait to share at a later time. For now, I hope you enjoy this new platform that I have created to express myself but also to empower and inspire you to use fashion to look good, feel good and do good for the planet!

I encourage you to share your thoughts and feedback with me please. I take your experience here very seriously and am always open to starting the conversation around ways I can serve your needs in the best way possible.

Cheers 2019! Better late than never! We are off to a great start!



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