The ReFashionista, So Scottsdale Magazine Cover Feature

Here is a sneak peak of my cover feature in the November 2020 issue of So Scottsdale Magazine, a fixture of Arizona style and culture for many years now. I could not be more grateful in our final chapters of 2020 to have this platform to share something so deeply important to me. I am at peace knowing we are moving the needle on fashion.

To be featured in such an iconic Arizona publications is a thrill, no question, but even more so, luxury and mainstream media is focusing on sustainability means things are changing. They are changing for good. I invite you to explore the feature [HERE].

A little aside- I actually modeled for So Scottsdale Magazine numerous times as an Arizona resident the first time around. I was featured as a model, wearing clothes, that someone else chose. I was hired through an agency. To be featured in a publication for who I am, wearing the clothes that I not only chose, but styled and own- is way next level. For me, at least. And I was not hired through anyone but myself. My Instagram actually (wink.)- so 2020.

This feature also coincided with my Nothing New November Challenge. In the spirit of affecting true change in the Fashion industry, all of the clothing worn was used. 100% used. Proud of it. Let this be proof, the sign that you needed possibly, that Style + Sustainability can and do coexist. This is 2020 and beyond. This is the future of fashion.


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