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Upcycled Custom Design by Classic Reclaim

Here's another look from the Upcycle Design Earth Day Challenge I hosted with designer Amanda Jacobs of Classic Reclaim for Goodwill. This look was custom designed for me, which I consider a sustainable style practice I can stand behind. Clothing that is perfectly tailored to fit your body is going to be clothing you love to wear. Loved clothes last. Loved clothes are more likely to be worn, taken care of and reworn for the longterm. The more we wear the clothing we already own, the better for the planet.

Considering the hefty amount of resources that goes into every garment on our back, I do believe the longer we can wear the clothes we have, the better. Acquiring a new garment should be considered the beginning of a long term relationship.

Before purchasing a new garment, I ask myself 'how long do I plan to wear this?' A simple question that goes a long way in curating the foundation of a sustainable wardrobe.

I’m a maximalist at heart and even though I mostly stick to classics and timeless lines for my day to day- I love to turn up the volume with exaggerated proportions...

All items sourced from @goodwilla

ReFashioned. More Style. Less Waste. 



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