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Voyage Phoenix Feature

Off to a strong start 2021.... Though, admittedly, last year started about the same. I was on a roll and I actually kicked off the year with a generous feature in AZ REDBOOK Magazine, a local luxury magazine. Full feature [HERE].

I'm excited to share another media feature talking about my journey in fashion + art, my struggles along the way, and the future of @refashionedart work. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what was your biggest takeaway. Full feature found [HERE].

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Thank you for all the enthusiasm and support here! And thank you for the feature Voyage Phoenix!

ps- I am constantly posting updates on Instagram. Join me @ReFashionedArt + @iamlauramadden


LAURA MADDEN ReFashioned Art Original artwork made of repurposed materials.

Laura Madden is a sustainable fashion advocate, influencer, and emerging artist residing in Phoenix, AZ, specializing in abstract upcycled art. Everything she creates is based on her purpose of creating More Style. Less Waste. Artwork can be purchased by contacting directly [HERE]. Shop prints [HERE].

What is ReFashion?

ReFashion is a word I wrote in a journal years ago, that was uncovered January 2019 while purging boxes of old journals. I then decided to name my blog ReFashion Report, and later branded my upcycled art ReFashioned Art. ReFashion is my word for the re-imagination of our relationship to fashion (and really all material things). ReFashion is the act of using fashion for good- to make ourselves feel good and to do good for the planet. I hope you’re enjoying these updates on my Fashion + Art work, but of course if you’re already on email overload, I completely understand that too! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in any of the art shown or to say hello. Thank you for your support and following my journey.



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