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Where I’ve been and where I’m going << Part 1 >>

Reinvention, Renovation + Recycled Art. A year in Review. 2018

san francisco-model-blogger-influencer-fashion-week
Hosting San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week

I feel like I’ve been wanting to write both a recap of 2018 post + a resolutions 2019 post, and I’ve kinda been dragging my feet. I realized that there is so much I want to do in the upcoming year and there is so much that happened in this last year that it is overwhelming to even comprehend ‘how can I package all of this into one pretty little blog post!?’

I decided to break it up into 2. This is Part 1. First let’s start with a recap of the last year because I’ve got plenty of photos to share and then I’ll share some of my New Me Resolutions in my next post.

I consider 2018 a year of reinvention, and undoubtedly a notable one. Not only did we relocate back to Arizona but we did a big renovation on our new (old) home and I did a bit of a reinvention of myself.

There are many things I am proud to share but the two biggest that stand out are the many lessons learned- from how to navigate our 1st home renovation, to how to rebuild myself in a new city. But the one thing that most stands out to me is my art.

I have always considered myself an artist, I guess, but an at-home artist, a hobbyist. I started creating art to decorate my home. I had a vision for how I wanted my home to feel. I knew what I wanted but had not a clue where to find it. So I made it all myself.

Not only is it DIY art but it is recycled art. Many of the materials used were discards. Much of the paint used was leftover from the renovation; packing paper leftover from moving boxes, and multiple canvases picked up at Goodwill that I repurposed into my own masterpieces. Clearly, I need to do more art!

Enjoy a few highlights~

Renovated our new home

Fell in love with our new neighborhood

Had a few photoshoots at my new home

Made my own art (upcycled)

Took a million and one photos of Camelback Mountain

Starting working with Green Living Magazine

san francisco-california-model-travel-fashion
Went back to San Francisco for my Birthday

Took selfies of my secondhand shopping finds

Celebrated our 18 year Anniversary (in Minnesota at someone else's wedding!)

Hosted friends from San Francisco- had impromtu photoshoots

photoshoot-sustainable fashion-model-influencer-sustainability
Partnered with Goodwill on sustainable fashion campaigns

Family photoshoot in our new backyard

I hope you enjoyed my highlights of 2018. Stay tuned for part 2!

Thank you for reading and following along how I am living a sustainable and stylish life!



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