Why I Choose to Shop Vintage?

Yes, I love pretty pictures and I love pretty clothes. Yes, I use them to get your attention to convey a narrative around the environmental crisis and the impact fashion is having on that. Yes, I have every intention to use my influence to change this industry for good. I am 100% transparent about why I do what I do.

A huge reason why I continue to contribute to my blog today, though letting go of using this blog as a business, is to share from my heart, creative expression, and to do my advocacy work to make a positive difference in the world. Most of the clothes I share on this platform are secondhand- not the best business model, no question.

No affiliate kick-backs coming in on thrift store or vintage estate sale finds, unfortunately for me. But- I must continue to stand behind what I believe in most. And to this day, I believe that secondhand clothing is the very most sustainable shopping you can do, if you must shop.

Why Choose Vintage?