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Why Shopping Local is Sustainable Shopping

Featuring Arizona Designer Sisi Aduke

There’s nothing wrong with buying clothes. Focus on a thoughtful curation of items that matter.

I had the pleasure of being dressed by local love, Arizona-based Nigerian fashion designer Sisi Aduke at Day three of Phoenix Fashion Week. I can’t deny that wearing her fun, flirty and responsibly made garment made a super happy ending to a very long and fashion-filled week! And to stress the importance of supporting and shopping local designers- there is no better way to send a message than through demonstrating it. Walk your talk- always.

First of all- the importance of shopping local and why it is a sustainable choice. I know I talk A LOT about shopping secondhand, my belief that secondhand clothing is the most sustainable form of fashion today- and of course, my upcoming #NothingNewNovember Challenge. But- I know many of you just won’t go there. I get it- it’s not for everyone! If you can’t shop secondhand, shop local!

Shopping local is good for you, the planet, and your local small business community.

One of the easiest ways to shop more sustainably and reduce the environmental strain of the fashion industry is to shop local and support your local designers and economy. 

Shopping your local designers, brands and boutiques not only puts money back into the local economy, but it forms a healthy relationship with the people closest to you.

Shopping closer to home cuts down on the huge energy costs and resources used in shipping & handling. Not to mentioned the amount of waste created in packaging with items are shipped near and far. We can reduce huge amounts of waste shopping local.

Even small changes carried out over time go a long way for the future of our planet and in reducing climate change. But- we must start now. Every purchase is a vote.

I can not stress enough the importance of supporting our independent, small & local designers. These are the people behind fashion that is designed responsibly with care, consciousness and really great design. At least we know where it is coming, who made it- the story of it.

“Because fast fashion is out. Bargain prices disempower women, exploit our natural resources and contribute to limitless waste.” REMAKE

The quality + craftsmanship of each Sisi Aduke garment is undeniable.

I first ‘worked’ with Sisi Aduke at a Sustainable Shopping event I hosted with Goodwill back in June. Sisi has a spirit and smile that is infectious and her design aesthetic is unlike any other in Arizona. I am grateful to have her here as part of our Arizona fashion community. Sisi Aduke is elevating the fashion scene in AZ!!

Sisi is Nigerian born and brings the essence and flare of her culture to her designs (and thankfully to the US!). If you are not familiar with African Fashion, you should be. It is on the rise- and for good reason. It’s got soul and in my experience, elevates the spirit. African fashion is colorful, happy and extremely flattering to one’s figure.

Day 3 Phoenix Fashion Week look; Proudly wearing Sisi Aduke

I wore a fun, flirty skirt made of the traditional African waxcloth fabric that was embellished with multiple tiers of fabric. If you are not familiar with the waxcloth fabric, it is supple and strong. It provides ample coverage so to flatter the figure- I can attest from my experience of wearing it. Similar skirt linked {here}

Sisi’s designs are colorful and bright, yet still easily mix and matchable. I honestly had numerous outfit options picked out, ready to go, and had trouble deciding just which way to style it (do I have to choose just one!?). This skirt could easily pair with a silk black cami (shown here), a flirty blouse, a white button up, or even a long black turtleneck for the colder days.

Due to the weather, a sub-100º day in the desert, I chose a long-sleeve mesh crop top, an oversized belt and the Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandal. My top was an estate sale find (care of my husband), the vintage belt from Goodwill and the shoes from Sola Lucy Oakland, CA. I finished off the look with a class Chanel purse, also pre-owned, purchased at Sola Lucy.

Modeling Sisi Aduke with good friend and fellow Remake Global Ambassador Heidi Altree of Amare by Heidi Sustainable Lifestyle Website

I encourage you to be conscious of who and where you’re buying from and remember that thoughtfulness goes a long way. I value longevity + quality. I shop for the longterm- what are those items I can wear + cherish forever?

There’s nothing wrong with buying clothes— we will always need clothing. Focus on a curation of thoughtfully chosen pieces that you can incorporate with many different items, combined in multiple ways, and for multiple occasions. This way you can do so much more with less. This is sustainable shopping- better for you and the planet.

I hope that sharing my style advice communicates the importance of supporting your local designers and businesses- sustainable fashion, conscious consumerism and reducing waste, especially that from the fashion industry. Please join me in supporting a more sustainable fashion industry & world.

Thank you Sisi Aduke for the pleasure of working with you. Shop Sisi Aduke on her website {here}. Thank you Heidi Altree for your dedication to living a more sustainable lifestyle and organizing this photoshoot. Your friendship and collaboration means the world to me.

Photography by Monica McLean Photography.

Shot at WAYLA Studios.



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