Why Shopping Local is Sustainable Shopping

Featuring Arizona Designer Sisi Aduke

There’s nothing wrong with buying clothes. Focus on a thoughtful curation of items that matter.

I had the pleasure of being dressed by local love, Arizona-based Nigerian fashion designer Sisi Aduke at Day three of Phoenix Fashion Week. I can’t deny that wearing her fun, flirty and responsibly made garment made a super happy ending to a very long and fashion-filled week! And to stress the importance of supporting and shopping local designers- there is no better way to send a message than through demonstrating it. Walk your talk- always.

First of all- the importance of shopping local and why it is a sustainable choice. I know I talk A LOT about shopping secondhand, my belief that secondhand clothing is the most sustainable form of fashion today- and of course, my upcoming #NothingNewNovember Challenge. But- I know many of you just won’t go there. I get it- it’s not for everyone! If you can’t shop secondhand, shop local!

Shopping local is good for you, the planet, and your local small business community.

One of the easiest ways to shop more sustainably and reduce the environmental strain of the fashion industry is to shop local and support your local designers and economy. 

Shopping your local designers, brands and boutiques not only puts money back into the local economy, but it forms a healthy relationship with the people closest to you.