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Why your closet needs at least 1 Ethical lbd by Tonlé

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

The Little Black Dress is the Queen of Reinvention. Learn why that matters for the planet.

black-dress-ethical clothing- zero waste-Tonle-California-5
The lbd rules

It is true, I’ve never met a little black dress I didn’t like. Simple lines and a versatile silhouette make this dress a resilient staple for years to come. A timeless style withstands changing seasons and trends, which is better for your budget and the environment.

One if my favorite things about the little black dress (lbd), especially this one by Tonlé, is it’s ability to reinvent itself every time you wear it. You may even experience your own version of reinvention while wearing it, if you so choose to do so. I am pretty sure I did.

The ability to reinvent or restyle a particular garment with each wear is gold when it comes to curating a conscious and sustainable wardrobe. A dress can be one thing if worn with classic accessories and simple shoes for a lunch; then transform into a completely different thing when worn with sexy shoes, edgy jewelry, done-up hair & make-up for a night out with your girls.

It suits heels or flats, stilettos or sneakers. Dress it up or down. Wear to the city or the sand…

black-dress-ethical clothing- zero waste-Tonle-California-4
Overlooking the California Coast

Versatility makes it more fun, more interesting- playful. And it gives a garment longevity. Not to mention a great bang for your buck. The more you’re likely to wear something, restyle and reinvent it, the better the investment- for both you and the planet. The longer we can wear our clothes, the less demand placed on the fashion industry to produce better, faster, cheaper clothing. Ultimately- a huge win for the environment because this lowers the carbon footprint placed on the planet by fashion.

black-dress-ethical clothing- zero waste-Tonle-California-3

Of course finding the right shape for your body is key but I’m really not into prescribing body type dressing. I know it is important, but I feel everyone needs to decide for themselves what they feel most comfortable in. And at the same time, you may choose something different on any given day based on how you feel and what you have going on (on the inside and the outside).

I think you look your best when you feel your best.

black-dress-ethical clothing- zero waste-Tonle-California-2
California Cool

Play. Get creative. Dress it up. Dress it down. I dare you.

black-dress-ethical clothing- zero waste-Tonle-California-1
Add structure with a blazer

Nevertheless, black is one of my favorite colors and no matter what the cut, I feel it is an extremely forgiving color. Abeit this being a form-fitting rather body conscious dress, it feels comfortable and flattering, and for that reason it’s become my go-to when I’m in a rush, and want to look put together and feel confident- no fuss, no fail.

Things like this make getting dressed easier, which I believe makes other areas of life easier. Getting dressed should be one of the more fun parts of your day! Not a stressful one!

black-dress-ethical clothing- zero waste-Tonle-California-6
casual in sandals


The Emily Dress by Tonlé

The Emily dress is made in Cambodia from deadstock fabric. The soft stretchy fabric and timeless silhouette won't easily go out of style, making this dress a closet staple that you'll be able to restyle and repurpose for many years to come.

Tonlé is an ethical fashion brand based in San Francisco, committed to not only fair wages, but also to zero waste practices at their factory in Cambodia. Not only do they rescue leftover fabric waste from larger fashion brands to produce their clothing lines, but they repurpose scraps from their own production and craft them into new designs. Even the tiniest of scraps are repurposed to make paper for Tonlé's tags! I have partnered with Tonlé on multiple blog posts over the last few years, which can be found on my blog. For more examples on Tonlé, click {here} & {here}.

(*updated links coming soon)

black-dress-ethical clothing- zero waste-Tonle-California
Chic in sunnies


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Happy shopping!

Get involved. Become part of the movement for a healthier, more sustainable fashion world. I believe that together we can change the face of fashion.

Wear what you love and wear what empowers you. Also consider where your clothes were made and who made them. Your purchase may empower the person who made them (or not).

Shop wisely. Every purchase is a vote. Make yours count.

*The items featured on this blog are what I consider sustainable fashion and/or are items I have owned for a very long time- which I would then consider a sustainable fashion choice simply for the longevity of it.

Thank you to Tonlé for collaborating with me on this project. All opinions and styling are my own.

Shot at Hotel California, Santa Barbara, CA.

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