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SUNSET - the amounts of debts are growing, it is becoming more and more difficult to find money for the game. But the MEMORY OF VICTORIES forces you to find more and more new means in every possible way casinosenligneca:

by hook or by crook, to the detriment of yourself and your loved ones, in order to “BEAT OFF” EVERYTHING PREVIOUSLY LOST WITH ONE STROKE;

5) LEAVING THE ARENA - when a person moves to the lowest level of "brownies" - beggars. He

comes to the casino already out of habit and, as a rule, without money, in the hope of a happy turn of events that will allow him to “spin” a certain amount (steal from a careless client, beg, ask and get a loan, knowing that you will never return) in order to then put them into the game, lose successfully and wait for the next day, happier than the current one.


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