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LIVE WEBINAR: 10 ways I shop sustainably

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

ReFashion Webinar 1: Could Shopping Sustainably be the Pre-Tidying Up Strategy We Are All Missing?

Sadly, the fashion industry has a dirty little secret...and I want you to know about it. The mainstream fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in all of the world. In an attempt to keep prices low to provoke excessive shopping, and produce faster and cheaper than ever, humans are being exploited. Many garment workers today are subject to abusive, inhumane conditions, below living wages and even slave labor.

On our first ReFashion webinar I'll be talking about a subject matter near and dear to my heart: shopping and sustainability. Please join me for my first LIVE webinar on this topic: Could Shopping Sustainably be the Pre-Tidying Up Strategy We Are Missing? I’ll be sharing my top 10 ways to shop sustainably that I've been using myself on my journey to become a more conscious and responsible consumer. 

Please register at the link provided for access and to download your free pdf:

I'll also be gifting one lucky attendee a free virtual ReFashion styling session with me. A recording will be sent to all registered following the live session. Please send me your questions beforehand if you can not attend live and I will make sure to cover them at:

This is in partnership with Remake, AZ Sustainable Fashion and Net Impact.

Thank you everyone!! I'll see you online!

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