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100% USED: The Alchemy of Style + the No New Clothes Challenge

100% USED

I've always gotten a rush from shopping- that allure of a shiny new thing to bring home. For as long as I can remember, I've always gotten a clear and distinct dopamine spike, you know that feel-good buzz, from shopping.

Shopping is without question my drug of choice. Not exactly proud of that, but it's true. I love to shop and I love to buy new things. But, this time spent in stay-at-home quarantine has been sobering.

The good news- I’ve been shopping my own closet every day. I've been having quite a bit of fun actually restyling those old items that I already own. I’ve always loved clothes and loved getting dressed. Clothing is a very powerful too. I use clothing to empower and express myself, but it can not come at the expense of the environment. I literally wear my values.

For a long time I shopped in excess- completely unaware of why I bought what I bought. No wonder I always had tons of clothes- but nothing to wear. I’ve been discussing this in more detail on my bi-weekly Instagram LIVE series ReFashionTalk LIVE , every Monday + Friday, 11am PST. Send me your questions- I’m answering those too! 

I was recently asked on an Instagram LIVE ‘what is sustainable fashion?’

Well, that is a loaded question. It can be many different things and it can even be different things to different people. Some even question if producing fashion can even be sustainable since there is always a use of resources.

One thing I do know for sure is that shopping secondhand, repurposing items that already exist, and keeping items out of landfill, is a sustainable practice. I believe it and I live it.

Today, I shop about 95% secondhand. Most importantly, I want to share that I’m not sacrificing my style to shop sustainably. I’m loving it! I feel good about my purchases knowing I’m contributing to the circular economy, reducing waste, and doing what I can for the planet.



As a global ambassador and board member of the nonprofit Remake, I care a lot about creating a conscious consumer movement and educating people on how they can use fashion for good. I’m excited to share that Remake is launching another No New Clothes 90 day challenge, and I’m inviting you to join!

Join me in reinventing our relationship to clothes by taking the pledge to buy no new clothes for 90 days and doing the best thing we can for the planet right now. We start June 1st!

And the even better news! You’re getting rewarded for taking part with one free item from online retailer Swap Society. You can still shop, but we are committing to only buying secondhand clothing. To help you further reduce your environmental footprint by not shopping brand new, shopping secondhand is keeping textiles from unnecessarily entering landfill, which is very damaging to the environment.

The Remake challenge partner Swap Society is offering one free item to everyone who takes the pledge. Use the code NONEWCLOTHES at checkout. Learn more at


What does the ‘No New Clothes Challenge’ entail?

I’m glad you asked!

  • If you choose to shop during the month of November, shop secondhand

  • This does not include gifts you purchase for other people unless you choose

  • You decide your comfort level, ie. socks, undergarments, hats may be best sourced brand new- up to you

  • Even if you follow this challenge 50%, you are still making a difference, having a positive impact on the environment, and conserving many resources that would otherwise be used up on the sourcing, production and shipping of brand new items.

You in!?

Learn more at + on Instagram @Remakeourworld

I wish you the most fun and success shopping secondhand for the next month. Hopefully you’ll decide to keep it going. Invite your friends, take them shopping and don’t forget to share your looks. Take photos, post them, and tag us for a chance to be featured too!

All clothing provided by Goodwill. photo credit: Gene Watson for Goodwill



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