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I'm earthy. Not Crunchy

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

An attempt to change the mindset about eco-friendly fashion

"There is danger in low expectations." TD Jakes

I heard this quote recently from @bishopjakes and it really stuck with me- which for me I define as Truth. I’ve often been told throughout my life that maybe I ‘need to lower my expectations.’ I know this is just people looking out for my best interest and trying to protect me from being hurt. Today, I’m raising my expectations, despite the potential risk of failure, disappointment, and hurt; I’m expecting great things for the coming year. 

I know that whatever I want to see on the outside has to start with me on the inside, so part of this is raising my personal standards for myself. Not just what I expect from myself, but how I treat myself. 

 A few more thoughts on this one  I 

I have really big expectations that in this coming year we are going to see an even bigger shift in the fashion industry and I’ll be on the ground running to do whatever I can to help redefine fashion. 

I hope my content helps people get excited about taking part in a more sustainable fashion industry and playing bigger in their everyday lives with their own personal lifestyle practices. We all can make a huge difference just by choosing differently and supporting the brands that are changing the game. 

Please let me know what you find most encouraging and inspiring to continue on Your sustainability journey? What else do you suggest I incorporate to make a difference on a larger scale? Fashion and outfit posts, shopping posts, writing, videos, in person speaking, Q & A, giveaways, IGTV show, etc.? I would really love your feedback. Please feel free to DM your thoughts. 


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