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FUSE LIVING Artist Collaboration Event

Art, Fashion, Fun at Fuse Living Interiors

Keep showing up. Continue to reach beyond your comfort zone. Keep doing the hard things. Stay present... it’s hard to put into words how meaningful this piece of artwork shown here is.

This art mural was created by & myself for the @fuseliving Artist Collaboration Event in partnership with @artlink_phoenix for Art Detour. I have never done a mural before- nor had I partnered with another artist on a given piece- or made something that would be on display as decor on a wall in a store.

Taylor started this piece and created the greenery that perfectly framed the face I would later paint here... I hope you’ll watch the LIVE reveal we filmed last night on the @fuseliving Instagram (IGTV) for details on how it all went down & why.

[Not shown was a beautiful floral display by Karin Crawford of @godsgardentreasures & live music by @zameermusic - all such a perfect flow orchestrated by FUSE owner Shannon Harris (@shannaleelee) & her Fuse Living team. Thank you to all of these artists who showed up and made this all come to life.

Thank you to my fashionista friends for showing up for me & celebrating with me at the @fuseliving Art Reveal event. Each of these women demonstrate this insatiable passion for fashion & art & living a stylish life that I so admire! I am so inspired to keep pushing forward, showing up & honing my craft in my own unique way because of the energy each of you share. Looking forward to many more celebrations with our fashion loving crew always elevating AZ fashion + art Ebony Whitaker @effortlessly.ebony, Crystal Daniels @designertreasurehunt, Khamsone Sirimanivong @khamsonestyledesign Cheers!!



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