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Happy New Year + Merry Christmas from The Maddens

PH Ken Conz; dress Sisi Aduke

Hard to believe another year has come and gone, but here we are- 2022!! I want to wish you so much health and happiness in this new year, and hopefully you experienced a true holiday. I sure did! This year was all about taking space and time to rest, and to enjoy the little things. So whatever a true holiday may look like for you, I hope that you had that this year. The experience of a holiday is the greatest gift you could receive- at least for me anyways.

For my husband and I, this last year was all about celebrating the little things- and a few big ones. We split our time between the mountains of Northern Arizona and the desert, and the timing could not have been more perfect. We, and our two dogs, in fact spent the holiday in snowy Northern Arizona, where, ironically, it's also called Arizona's Christmas City. It really was an extra special holiday.

PH Ken Conz; dress Sisi Aduke

On a personal/ professional note, 2021 was a year of saying YES, to as much as I possibly could. It became the year of events (I think we made up for lost time in 2020... for me anyways), getting LIVE on Instagram every chance I could, and creating luxury at home (my happy place!)

PH Carrie Evans; Iconic Life Magazine

I’ve stretched myself far beyond I thought I was capable of....and I can’t say I’d change a thing… the discomfort, the stretch, the new heights I’ve reached - the self-awareness - you just can’t learn this stuff anywhere but life- liv-ing it. It’s in the doing and being. I guess you could call it an inside job…. Always searching for the silver lining… so I’ll share the positive here. It was a really good year. I hope you are feeling the same.

PH Carrie Evans; with Iconic Life Magazine publisher Renee Dee

PH Carrie Evans; Iconic Life Magazine with Chef Gabe

PH Carrie Evans; Iconic Life Magazine

PH FGI AZ with celebrity makeup artist + Busted 2 Bangin owner Eric Jimenez

2022 will be more curated and discerning with how I spend my time. I woke today with a childlike wonder of what’s to come for myself and @refashionedart in this next chapter.
Let’s crush this next year! We write the next chapter with every choice we make. It’s going to be so good! Cheers!!!



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