Is secondhand shopping good for your style?

My experience- Two reasons secondhand shopping has elevated my style

As I shared a few posts back- I never would’ve predicted myself to be a ‘thrift queen.’ I don’t even really like the word. But it is perfectly fitting. Secondhand shopping is my go-to shopping choice.

If I need something I will always consider shopping secondhand first and foremost. Whatever it is you need right now? Ask yourself ‘Can I find this item secondhand?’

I love the hunt, the dig. I even love how physically intensive it can be to work your way through a thrift store. It’s almost like a search & rescue of finding the hidden treasures that might otherwise be heading for the landfill.

I can’t help but touch on the common thread between my love of rescue dogs and secondhand clothing- both are someone else’s discards, just waiting for another to find value in them in the form of a new home.

When it comes to shopping secondhand, not only do I believe it is the most sustainable shopping you can do environmentally, but also financially. Clearly, I am stating my case in favor of secondhand shopping. Like, why isn’t everyone doing it!?