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Is secondhand shopping good for your style?

My experience- Two reasons secondhand shopping has elevated my style

As I shared a few posts back- I never would’ve predicted myself to be a ‘thrift queen.’ I don’t even really like the word. But it is perfectly fitting. Secondhand shopping is my go-to shopping choice.

If I need something I will always consider shopping secondhand first and foremost. Whatever it is you need right now? Ask yourself ‘Can I find this item secondhand?’

I love the hunt, the dig. I even love how physically intensive it can be to work your way through a thrift store. It’s almost like a search & rescue of finding the hidden treasures that might otherwise be heading for the landfill.

I can’t help but touch on the common thread between my love of rescue dogs and secondhand clothing- both are someone else’s discards, just waiting for another to find value in them in the form of a new home.

When it comes to shopping secondhand, not only do I believe it is the most sustainable shopping you can do environmentally, but also financially. Clearly, I am stating my case in favor of secondhand shopping. Like, why isn’t everyone doing it!?

13 million tons of textiles are thrown in landfill every year in the US alone. There are plenty of perfectly good clothes that already exist on the planet. We can all be fashion change-makers. This is how I choose to do my part.

When it comes to your personal style and curating a responsible wardrobe, I highly recommend secondhand shopping. One caveat (always welcome advise to myself as well) is that due to the incredibly low price points, it can be easy to just go wild buying like crazy without restraint, but hold your ground. Make a list, stick to it, and stay focused.

Something that works for me is to have photos saved on my phone of items I am looking for. Having that visual helps me stay laser focused on only the items I really want and need.

Price can be a blessing and a curse. Here’s why:

1-It is a great opportunity to take a risk and try something new- maybe a style that is out of your comfort zone. If you try it and you decide you don’t like it after all, no harm done. Re-donate it, sell it, swap it, or share it with a friend.

2- This is a great opportunity to hone your personal style and practice restraint. I have fallen into the trap many a time of buying items that I don’t really need or love just because they are such a great deal. Don’t make that mistake!

If there is no true purpose for your purchase, leave it for someone else. Stay impeccable with your intention of what you are buying and why. I commit to making intentional purchases only.

Are you looking to fill a specific void in your wardrobe? Are you looking for something fun to pull out when you crave something unique? Are you looking for an interview outfit? Date night? Vintage?

Some questions to ask yourself before making that purchase (Stay honest with yourself)

  • Do you really love this garment?

  • Will you use it?

  • Where will you wear it?

  • Can you mix and match it with other items you already own?

  • Does it fit well?

  • Do you feel confident wearing it?

  • Do you love how you look in it?

  • Is it a high-quality, well-made garment?

  • What will you do with it when you’re done with it- Can you resell it? Gift, swap, donate?

  • Does this match the image of the women you want the world to remember you as?

This is about conscious consumerism- making intentional and purposeful purchases, no matter how much money you have or how much an item costs. A closet full of items you wear and love is a closet full of confidence; it is also the basis of curating a sustainable wardrobe, in my opinion.

At times, shopping secondhand may be like a hobby for me, but it is a whole lot more than just that. It is a part of my purpose and how I want to express myself as an advocate for sustainable fashion and the circular economy. I remain confident that secondhand shopping is the most sustainable shopping you can do.

Extending the lifecycle of clothing that has already been made and keeping it out of landfill is really good for the environment. It is one of the ways that I choose to live a stylish and sustainable life. I hope you will stand by as I continue to develop and hone my craft and develop how I plan to use this to bring more good to the world.

If you’re like me and you LOVE fashion and you care about the environment, secondhand shopping is the most sustainable thing you can do for the planet. I want to impress upon you the value of shopping secondhand. You are essentially shopping one-of-a-kind items. I hope you will give it a try. It is empowering and it feels good to do good.



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