LIVE Art Show 8/28/20 (XIV) Cocktails, Canvases, Cameos from my rescue dogs.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Welcome to episode XIV of The ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Tour at Home Series. Thank you for joining us! (myself, two rescue dogs and husband- the cameraman) Your support means the world!

For the time being, I’ll be broadcasting multiple LIVE art shows every week, straight from Instagram. Each art show is essentially a flash sale featuring exclusive pricing offers. I’m in the process of clearing space to make room for a future art series while I rebuild my art studio (more on that coming soon- promise!)

Every Friday, 5pm, I host a LIVE happy hour art tour at home- complete with cocktails, cocktail attire, and cameos from my dear rescue dogs, on the @iamlauramadden Instagram.

I also share LIVE Art Shows every Monday + Friday, 10:30am PST, on the @ReFashionedArt Instagram (my art page) (promise I always come dressed for the show!)

My sidekicks, rescue Dogs, Blanca + Lucé