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LIVE Art Show 8/28/20 (XIV) Cocktails, Canvases, Cameos from my rescue dogs.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Welcome to episode XIV of The ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Tour at Home Series. Thank you for joining us! (myself, two rescue dogs and husband- the cameraman) Your support means the world!

For the time being, I’ll be broadcasting multiple LIVE art shows every week, straight from Instagram. Each art show is essentially a flash sale featuring exclusive pricing offers. I’m in the process of clearing space to make room for a future art series while I rebuild my art studio (more on that coming soon- promise!)

Every Friday, 5pm, I host a LIVE happy hour art tour at home- complete with cocktails, cocktail attire, and cameos from my dear rescue dogs, on the @iamlauramadden Instagram.

I also share LIVE Art Shows every Monday + Friday, 10:30am PST, on the @ReFashionedArt Instagram (my art page) (promise I always come dressed for the show!)

My sidekicks, rescue Dogs, Blanca + Lucé

As promised, I showed up with cocktail in hand, wearing a cocktail dress- this week a black party dress + shoes from Goodwill, a ‘new’ belt from My Sister’s Closet, accessorized with many collected, thrifted and vintage estate sale finds. The drink of choice was a custom gin martini- Organic Prairie Gin, muddled blueberries + basil [fresh from the garden], chilled glass.

Sign up for updates & exclusive pricing offers [HERE]


Please click [HERE] if you are interested in purchasing any of the items shown. Enjoy a few items from the show!

Lady Liberté, $400/ $300

Midcentury Mod I, $300/ $250

Midcentury Mod II, $100/ $75

Aqua I (1 of 4), $75/ $50 or set of 4 for $150

A few weeks ago I shared that ReFashioned Art turned 1 and to celebrate I decided to host an Art Show LIVE on Instagram, showing items for sale at an exclusive event price for the evening only. (PS- I extend the price reductions for anyone receiving my email updates [HERE]).

I’m happy to share that my entire portfolio of work can now be found right [HERE]. I have a total of 160 items listed, a majority of them are still for sale. I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.

LIVE Art Show from the Closet @ReFashionedArt, M/F, 10:30am PST


If you can’t catch us LIVE on Instagram @iamlauramadden, please check out my YouTube channel and my Instagram for the replays.

Stay tuned for the next Art Show with ReFashioned Art! I’ll be hosting LIVE Happy Hour Art Shows/ flash sales throughout the week. Stay tuned!



Join me every week for my Instagram LIVE lineup:

Monday + Friday 10am PST ReFashionTalk LIVE @iamlauramadden

Monday + Friday 10:30am PST ReFashioned Art Art Show @ReFashionedArt

Friday 5pm PST Happy Hour Art Tour at Home @iamlauramadden

ReFashioned Art. More Style. Less Waste. 

If you like my style and you care about the planet I hope you will follow my journey. Sign up for updates on my Fashion + Art work, and exclusive pricing offers [HERE].



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