MY TOP 3 WAYS TO SHOP SUSTAINABLY featured in July Green Living Magazine

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

For the July issue of Green Living Magazine I shared my top three tips for shopping sustainably. I know the term sustainable fashion and shopping can seem somewhat elusive.

Fashion and sustainability seem to reside on different planets. I was recently asked if fashion can ever even be sustainable? I don’t know the real answer to that- but I believe that every step we can take to ‘being’ more sustainable matters and every bit counts towards creating a brighter future for the generation to come.

As the demand for faster, cheaper fashion increases, the resources fashion leeches from planet Earth grow more scarce. Considering that fashion is still one of the largest polluters of the planet, we are at a crucial point with climate change to rewrite our relationship to fashion and how we consume it.

According to San Francisco non-profit Remake, it is believed that Americans dispose of about 13 million tons of textiles annually. How can we remedy this and stop purchasing all this stuff that we don’t even need?

Below are my top three tips to to get you started. To read the full feature, please check out the July issue of Green Living found here: