Nothing New November Challenge 2019 is here!

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

In partnership with Goodwill, we are raising awareness of sustainable fashion

Secondhand fashion is sustainable fashion.

As you may know, I started secondhand shopping four years ago after watching the True Cost documentary and learning of the destruction the fashion industry reeks on both people and the planet. If you didn’t already know- the fashion industry is still one of the most polluting industries in the world, right up there with oil.

So, I started shopping secondhand purely as an environmental stance. And still to this day- I believe that shopping secondhand (vintage, consignment, thrift, etc.) is one of the most sustainable ways you can shop.

The Nothing New November Challenge starts this Friday 11/1. Each week I’ll be sharing a weekly challenge for you to complete on the blog. Make sure you follow along right here to find out the rest!

This ‘challenge’ is about raising awareness of how, what, why, and from where we shop. Whether you take part in our challenge or not, I want this [next month] to encourage you to be a more conscious consumer. That’s really all.

This challenge is not about not shopping at all- nor is it meant to make you feel bad about buying things. This is about only buying what you love, need, want & will wear for the long haul. If you’re going to shop, could you try to find it secondhand first? Try. Set the intention at least.