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Nothing New November Week 1 Challenge

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The Clothing Swap Party- Sustainable Fashion, Fun, Social.

Welcome to the Nothing New November Challenge! I promise, this challenge will be painless. We are going to have fun- maybe trying some new things for some of us- maybe some -out-of-our-comfort zone things, like wearing used clothes- but I promise it will all be worth it! I’ve bonded with friends, both new & old, over shopping secondhand, swapping clothes and even just playing dress up, shopping our own closets. Fashion is fun! And so is this!

In case you are new to our challenge, a little background: This past November I pledged to buy nothing new for the entire month. It started as my own personal challenge I embarked on to help me grow more conscious about how and where I was shopping. This year I’m back with another Nothing New November challenge and I want you to join me!

Modeling my swap find + my ReFashioned Art

Guess what? It really is cool to care about the impact your shopping is having on the planet. Shopping secondhand is also some of the best shopping you can do to curate your style and maximize your budget, which is why I’m encouraging you to only shop ‘nothing new’ for the month of November. Just try…

Yes, I wear used clothes. Not because I have to, but because I choose to. I choose to exercise my spending power to do good. I wear my values. I only purchase clothing that I feel has not done harm to the planet.

This is a lifestyle choice, with friend Cazoshay Marie, who shares my values on fashion.

Each week I’ll be sharing a challenge with you to help you try something out that may be new or slightly out of your comfort zone. If you’re feeling a bit unsure, I encourage you to enlist a trusted friend to join you. Trust me- fashion is more fun when enjoyed together! You and another can stretch your sustainable fashion boundaries together.



Host a clothing swap. Before you get overwhelmed with the sound of hosting any sort of anything, just wait. A swap can be whatever you make it. As big a production as you wish, or as small a gathering as you may prefer. It can be hosting a large party inviting every fashion lover you know. Or, it can be as small as inviting over your nearest dearest besties to come trade some items you no longer love or need. The purpose is to get together, have fun, and shop some ‘new to you fashions in the most sustainable way possible.

Modeling fashion + art with fashion-loving friends

Spoiler alert- Last week I completed Challenge 1! I hosted a clothing swap party. I started doing these many years ago when I first lived in Arizona actually. At the time, I had no clue that is was a sustainable fashion practice. Or that it was helping to decrease waste and the unreasonable demand placed on the fashion industry. I just really LOVED clothes and I LOVED throwing parties.

Today, knowing that it’s actually a very sustainable lifestyle practice, I am doing all I can to spread the word, encourage you to host more swap parties too- and of course I’m hosting more swap parties myself. I shared just a few shots from that night. That great dress I’m wearing?? It was from the swap that night. Amazing that it happened to fit me perfect- and I had this great vintage belt I’d just found at Goodwill that matches perfectly. It’s 100% silk, DVF (in case you were wondering)… You just never know what you come home with from a swap. Enjoy!

One girl’s trash is another girl’s treasure, as the saying goes…

What does the ‘Nothing New November Challenge’ entail?

  • If you choose to shop during the month of November, shop secondhand

  • Gifts you purchase for other people are at your discretion

  • You decide your comfort level, ie. socks, undergarments may be best sourced brand new- up to you

  • Even if you follow this challenge 50%, you are still making a difference, having a positive impact on the environment, and conserving resources that would otherwise be used up on the sourcing, production and shipping of brand new items.

Friend and fashion blogger Jennifer Brown making friends with Lucé

Thank you for your support and taking part in the Nothing New November Challenge everyone!

If you’re not on board yet and you’d like to participate, it’s never too late! If you choose to shop, shop secondhand. Style a look using your secondhand finds and/ or items you've already owned, snap a pic, post it, tag @iamlauramadden & use  #nothingnewnovember for a chance to be featured!

Follow along right here for weekly updates, challenges & #sustainablefashion style! 

This challenge is supported by Remake & Goodwill.

Thank you!!

The above photography provided by Jennifer Brown.



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