ReFashioned Art featured on Fox10 News Phoenix

The AFTER of this upcycled art is revealed on LIVE news for the Goodwill Flip Challenge

The purpose of my ReFashioned Art is to encourage & inspire you to reimagine what you think of & see as trash.

Last week was pretty much my ideal week - it was a week filled with upcycled art and talking about my upcycled art. Last Thursday started off bright and early with a media segment on our local Fox news affiliate, Fox 10, with myself, Goodwill and James Judge, the host of the upcoming Goodwill Flip Challenge.

It was also on this live media segment that the ‘after’ of one of my ReFashioned Art pieces was revealed, also for the Goodwill Flip Challenge Event that evening. Goodwill and I had shopped for two pieces to be transformed for this event three weeks in advance. One of them, shown here, was completed prior to the event (and in the comfort of my own home studio). The second piece was used for a live demo at the actual Goodwill Flip Event that evening, before a (you guessed it) live crowd.

Myself, James Judge, Fox 10 News anchors Syleste Rodriguez & Troy Hayden, Kimberly of Goodwill (L-R)

The whole experience was a complete thrill. I do enjoy talking and of course love talking before a captive audience, but this was the first time speaking about my art, and not fashion, or food, fitness, or personal development, etc. This was a first. And it felt really good. Even considering the snafu of my gold spray paint completely not working… it all worked out perfectly. I just used more blue!