ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Show at Home XVIII 10/9/20

Welcome to week 28 of the ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Show! I never imagined LIVE video would become such a big part of my art work, but it has been the answer to my prayers.

Months ago, due to COVID cancellations, I decided to do a Friday night LIVE Happy Hour Art Tour at Home- on Instagram of course! It was the first Friday of the month, and what would’ve been the Artlink First Friday Art Tour in Phoenix- also canceled. So I decided to do my own, at home. 

I had nothing to lose, right? I needed an outlet to show my art. And with everything I planned on attending now being canceled, I missed having events to attend, and an excuse to get all dressed up… Thanks to social media, it’s not all that hard to check all those boxes in one effort! 

Unique times call for unique measures. Thank goodness I love getting on video! I’m broadcasting LIVE art shows every week straight from my Instagrams. Each art show is essentially a flash sale featuring exclusive pricing offers on my artwork as I clear space to rebuild my art studio (almost done!) & offer new work on my new art gallery website.

Head to my new Art Gallery website for a special promo on your first time purchase.

This week we saw 7 originals available at exclusive show pricing and a LIVE unboxing of a matted print from my new website (Don’t Let Your Colors Fade). Thank you to everyone that watched, commented, and all the support- every bit goes a very long way for a small emerging artist such as myself.