ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Show at Home XXIX 10/16/20

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Welcome to the ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Show at Home! This week I am sort of at new art studio is 95% complete and I just couldn't wait to share it! Just as with every happy hour LIVE art show, I come dressed in cocktail attire with a cocktail in hand. And even more exciting, I show original artwork for sale at super discounted prices- essentially a flash sale!

Welcome to week 29! I never imagined LIVE video would become such a big part of my art work, but it such a blessing to have this platform to continue sharing my art with you.

Months ago, due to COVID cancellations, I decided to do a Friday night LIVE Happy Hour Art Tour at Home- on Instagram of course! It was the first Friday of the month, and what would’ve been the Artlink First Friday Art Tour in Phoenix- also canceled. So I decided to do my own, at home. 

I had nothing to lose, right? I needed an outlet to show my art. And with everything I planned on attending now being canceled, I missed having events to attend, and an excuse to get all dressed up… Thanks to social media, it’s easy + fun to check all the boxes at one time! 

Unique times call for unique measures. Thank goodness I love getting on video! I’m broadcasting LIVE art shows every week straight from my Instagrams. Each art show is essentially a flash sale featuring exclusive pricing offers on my artwork as I clear space to rebuild my art studio (almost done!) & offer new work on my new art gallery website.

As promised, I showed up with a cocktail dress on, cocktail in hand. This week I wore a favorite (NWT) dress from Goodwill pared with shoes from My Sister’s Closet. I chose to go light on the accessorized- only because we were outdoors and it was still over 100º that day. This week’s cocktail of choice was Veuve Cliquot, which is my favorite champagne. My husband and I both toasted my new studio using the champagne flutes from our wedding… which was 20 years ago this September ;)