ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Tour at Home Happy Hour [Part I]

Updated: May 21, 2020

I’m getting creative! In case you follow me on @ReFashionedArt maybe you noticed last Friday I hosted a LIVE happy hour Art at Home Tour (virtual of course). 

In more regular times, here in Phoenix, the first Friday of every month we have a great big art celebration that spans multiple art districts in the city. We have open galleries, art parties and artist meet + greet receptions. In honor of 1st Friday in Phoenix, on Friday, May 1st, I thought I’d share my own at-home virtual art tour of the ReFashioned Art I’ve created for the walls of my own home. 

As promised, I showed up with cocktail in hand, wearing a cocktail dress. We covered just 5 pieces on the LIVE, but stay tuned for the next Art at Home tour with ReFashioned Art because there is still a lot to see. To see the whole video, head to my YouTube channel or you can catch it on my Instagram IGTV. 

Let me know what you’d like to see more of in my LIVES. I’m transitioning to more video content vs photography because it feels more real & what I most want to share is the unfiltered, unedited side of who I really am. And- it’s just more fun to talk & speak up, than to be silent & still. Do you agree?