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Shopping with Laura Madden

A video project in partnership with Goodwill AZ.

If you happen to be new here, I want you to know I talk a lot about fashion, style and self-esteem, and sustainability- well, quite frankly, I talk a lot about trash. Don’t worry- there is a beautiful intervening of these topics that I am more than happy to share…

I’ll admit I might go overboard with the sustainable fashion thing at times- but this is a topic I love talking about. Textile waste is creating a massive burden on our planet- just one source of this being fashion brands over-producing, then to just dump the surplus or burn it; this literally is burning a hole in my soul. It makes me so sad. 

Sharing and spreading awareness about this global problem is deeply personal to me because for many years I was a huge part of the problem. When you know better, you do better.

Check GOODWILL AZ BLOG for an extended version of SHOPPING WITH LAURA MADDEN 

Things are changing. The thing I’m most excited to share is that there are solutions- things we can do in our everyday lives that will make a difference. And that is exactly what you’ll find here.

Head-to-toe Goodwill

If you’ve been following along these past few weeks, you may have seen a ton of content from a current project with Goodwill AZ where I was filmed while shopping at their store, hunting down the best finds. I then shared five of my favorite looks from my thrift store haul in a professional photoshoot (more coming soon!). 

Yes- it has been a ton of fun, and YES I LOVE to shop AND speak, but most importantly I hope it has an impact on how you look at fashion and how you look at waste- I know, two topics that don’t seem at all related. But they are hugely related.

By donating your unwanted items to Goodwill or other outlets, you are essentially starving the landfill. By shopping at these same establishments, you are doing right by the environment by extending the lifecycle of items that would otherwise end up as trash. 

Textile waste in landfills releases dangerous gases into the atmosphere such as methane as fabrics start to decompose. 

By supporting the secondhand clothing industry you are decreasing the current demand on the fashion industry to make faster, cheaper garments. Therefor you are becoming part of the solution. 

Also, by extending the lifecycle of discarded clothing you are contributing to the circular economy- which is very healing for our planet because you are conserving resources significantly by slowing down further clothing production. 

I know this is the ‘dirty’ side of fashion that no one wants to know about or talk about. But it does exist and we do have a responsibility as patrons of this planet.

I hope this fun video and shopping series has helped you see that it can be both FUN and FABULOUS to shop sustainably and to shop secondhand. 

Do you agree? 

I would love to hear your feedback! Do you feel I’m on the mark with this? Or is there another approach you feel could be more impactful and encouraging? Please reach out to me!

I really do care that my content is making a positive and powerful difference in your life. Thank you Goodwill AZ for the incredibly generous coverage- and of course for having THE BEST STUFF EVER!! My wardrobe will never be the same.

I really appreciate your support! Be Stylish, be sustainably and don’t forget to dress to elevate your best self! Please feel free to spread the word.


If you’d like to help me in my efforts to raise awareness of making sustainability stylish, please share this post. Make sure you sure you sign up for updates {HERE} so you don't miss any sustainably stylish news, and please follow my Instagram {HERE}, where I share my sustainably fabulous fashion finds and advocate for more sustainable fashion shopping choices. I hope I’ve inspired you to explore more responsible, more creative and even more stylish alternatives to the fast fashion industry that is de rigueur.

Get involved. Become part of the movement for a healthier, more sustainable fashion world. I believe that together we can change the face of fashion.  

Wear what you love and wear what empowers you. Also consider where your clothes were made and who made them. Your purchase may empower the person who made them (or not). Shop wisely. Every purchase is a vote. Make yours count.

*The items featured on this blog are what I consider sustainable fashion and/or are items I have owned for a very long time- which I would then consider a sustainable fashion choice simply for the longevity of it.

Thank you to Goodwill Arizona. All opinions are my own.

Photography by Emily B Photography



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