The Ultimate Luxury. Secondhand Chanel.

You can have your cake and eat it too...Happy Birthday to Me!

This is what I call sustainable luxury. A pre-loved piece that is just as good as new. By extending the lifecycle of such item, the demand on the fashion industry is lessened. I believe in the circular economy and extending the length of that which already exists- to reduce waste and conserve resources. Not only do I love the story of a pre-loved item, but I LOVE (no, obsessed) the intention behind buying it- ultimately to do good for the planet, to do my part.

I’ve made it no secret that I like nice things. I LOVE fashion. I love shopping for fashion. I use clothing to express and empower myself BUT NOT at the expense of the environment.

I feel perfectly justified in saying that ‘You can have your cake & eat it too’ so to speak... as long as you focus on the ‘right’ types of cake. Meaning that which is not destroying the environment, and is doing more good than harm in the world.