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The Ultimate Luxury. Secondhand Chanel.

You can have your cake and eat it too...Happy Birthday to Me!

This is what I call sustainable luxury. A pre-loved piece that is just as good as new. By extending the lifecycle of such item, the demand on the fashion industry is lessened. I believe in the circular economy and extending the length of that which already exists- to reduce waste and conserve resources. Not only do I love the story of a pre-loved item, but I LOVE (no, obsessed) the intention behind buying it- ultimately to do good for the planet, to do my part.

I’ve made it no secret that I like nice things. I LOVE fashion. I love shopping for fashion. I use clothing to express and empower myself BUT NOT at the expense of the environment.

I feel perfectly justified in saying that ‘You can have your cake & eat it too’ so to speak... as long as you focus on the ‘right’ types of cake. Meaning that which is not destroying the environment, and is doing more good than harm in the world.

There’s nothing wrong with buying clothes—  as long as you plan to keep them, wear them + you’re ‘woke’ to what you’re buying & why…

For my 40th birthday (it was year’s ago now ), I chose to gift myself a Chanel purse. I purchased it on consignment at Sola Lucy in Oakland, CA.

This is an investment piece that I fully plan to use and love for life. And the thing about a timeless classic- a luxury purchase like this one is that if I ever do decide to part with it (will NEVER happen though!) I feel fully confident that I will be able to sell it to someone that will use & love it, extending the lifecycle of it. 

A few more birthday meanderings…

The older I get the more I get to know myself. I can’t deny how materialistic I am- and finally at 42 years young, I am ok with that. I embrace it. I’ve also finally been able to find a place where I can express that and feel good about it. It’s called secondhand fashion.

Another one

When I let myself ‘do my thing’ and just don’t think too much about it- I really like to show it off. It’s my playtime. I want to show off how stylish secondhand fashion is. No more stigmas around shame and feeling less than for walking into a charity shop or what not. I don’t need to shop secondhand BUT I really love it. And I’m really having A LOT OF FUN!

Another thing

I’ve learned about myself- follow the fun. If it’s fun for me, I NEED to do more of it. If it’s not fun, STOP IT NOW! Forcing myself to do things I don’t find fun are literally killing me slowly. They are draining me at warped rate. I feel it. I know it. Noted.


I know there are big changes that not only have been undertow these last few months, but more are coming down the line. I take a lot more time for rest. I accomplish less. I have more fun.

It’s all a journey. It’s a game. I may still be obsessed with personal growth and maxing out my human potential (have been since age 12), but I need to approach it from a snails pace, not the cheetah, which of course I’d prefer… but that’s all just ego.

Last lastly

For real this time- self acceptance. I accept that which I can not change. I have a very sensitive system, fragile at times actually. I am not able to work as hard as I used to. But doesn’t the saying go ‘slow and steady wins the race.’


For real real this time. News flash. There is no race. There is not even no destination! (that’s not a typo). Where are we trying to get to anyways??? I’m not sure I have an answer. I’m just following the fun…for now. Stay tuned.

Cheers! To birthdays, sustainable shopping, and celebrating yourself with some sustainable luxury shopping on said birthday!

Photography by Jessie Marie Cagliero



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