Thrifty-ish: Why I love thrifting.

It’s got nothing to do with money.

Thrift stores, once upon a time known as places poor people shopped, are now a shopping mecca for environmentally conscious fashion lovers, such as myself.

I know, I agree with you, I hate the fact that thrift stores used to be known as places that ‘poor’ people shopped. So, full disclosure- the term ‘poor’ is not at all my personal opinion, it is what I have learned to be historically true and have come up upon the more I read up on thrifting.

I often use the term secondhand shopping when I talk about what I do, but a lot of people won’t use it because of the stigma that goes with it- that secondhand is somehow second-best. Secondhand stores are full of someone else’s trash. Instead many people opt for the more modern and stylish-sounding terms pre-owned or pre-loved. Those work great too, and those terms definitely come with a little more polish, or allure to get more people to do it, or maybe just look at people who do it differently- like not poor people.

The more I research and learn about the power of secondhand shopping, or what is today referred to as part of a circular economy, the more I see that it is the environmentally superior way to shop.