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Upcycled Collection by The R Collective

An ECOfashion feature in Luca Magazine Fall

{Originally featured in the Fall issue of Luca Magazine}

We have a lot to be grateful for as fashion-loving consumers, especially the power of choice. The power to choose what, from who, and from where we purchase our much-valued second skin. 

As consumers we have the power to change the world for the better by making more conscious fashion choices, and use fashion as a force for good to create a healthier happier planet. Consider choosing fashion sources that are part of the solution not the problem, such as luxury upcycled fashion brand The R Collective. 

Based in Hong Kong, The R Collective debuted at Barneys New York and is known for their social impact, transparency in the supply chain, upcycled luxury fabrics, and purpose-driven fashion that is changing the industry as we know it.

The R Collective was born from sister charity, Redress and the Redress Design Award, the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. Leftover fabric waste, or deadstock, that is discarded by larger luxury fashion brands, and that would otherwise end up in landfill, is used to create their upcycled collections. 

Why is this such a big deal? ‘It is estimated that 92 million tons of textile waste is generated by the fashion industry every year.’ (The R Collective)

Each piece by The R Collective carries with it the casual confidence of a woman who wants to stand out in the crowd and to change the world for the better.

Shown here is the Upcycled Cut-out Blazer. The blazer is undoubtedly an essential garment in a woman’s wardrobe, but this one stands out from the everyday classic piece we all know and love. 

The open back detail gives it style and sass, and who doesn’t love a bit of business in the front, party in the back? The virtue of it’s versatility makes it a sustainably fashionable choice you can mix and match with many pieces you likely already own. 

Don’t forget about mixing your prints, as shown here, to get even more wear from your wardrobe- a perfectly fitting trend for this fall. Mixing a floral with this houndstooth is also a great way to bring a little sunshine to the darker, cooler days ahead. 

Shown here:
Jacket: The R Collective
Dress: Vintage Emanuel Ungaro
Boots: Cole Haan from Kostüm
Bag: Chanel from Sola Lucy
Sunglasses: Tom Ford from Crossroads


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Get involved. Become part of the movement for a healthier, more sustainable fashion world. I believe that together we can change the face of fashion.  

Wear what you love and wear what empowers you. Also consider where your clothes were made and who made them. Your purchase may empower the person who made them (or not). 

Shop wisely. Every purchase is a vote. Make yours count.

*The items featured on this blog are what I consider sustainable fashion and/or are items I have owned for a very long time- which I would then consider a sustainable fashion choice simply for the longevity of it. All opinions are my own.

Thank you to The R Collective and Luca Magazine for collaborating with me on this post.

Photography by Emily B Photography.



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