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ReFashioned Art LIVE Art Show at Home XX 10/23/20

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Welcome to the ReFashioned Art LIVE Happy Hour Art Show at home! This is week 30 of this series filmed on the @iamlauramadden Instagram. Thank you for joining me for a short & sweet LIVE art tour filmed in my newly designed studio. WiFi was not exactly coopérative this evening so you’ll enjoy tid bits and snippets.

Make sure you sign up for my email updates for an upcoming holiday shopping extravaganza +FREE shipping on US orders over $100.

(great chance to get a head start on your holiday shopping 😉)

Just as with every happy hour LIVE art show, I come dressed in cocktail attire with a cocktail in hand. And even more exciting, I show original artwork for sale at super discounted prices- essentially a flash sale!

In favor of my upcoming Nothing New November Challenge, I’m wearing 100% USED cocktail attire (of course) and the drink of choice was a Prairie Organic Gin martini + lime Topo Chico, chilled glass of course!

At my New Studio wearing 100% USED


Check out last year’s Nothing New November Challenge. There is no cost to enter, and I guarantee it will change your views on what is fashion and how to have it. Stay tuned for upcoming features and additional details. In the meantime, I hope you’ll peruse the challenges I shared here, here, here + here. And some media coverage here (happy styling, wink)

L-R Franchela Franco, Heidi Altree, Crsytal Daniels, Ebony Whitaker, [myself]; pc Carrilee Fox


Months ago, due to COVID cancellations, I decided to do a Friday night LIVE Happy Hour Art Tour at Home- on Instagram of course! It was the first Friday of the month, and what would’ve been the Artlink First Friday Art Tour in Phoenix- also canceled. So I decided to do my own, at home. 

I had nothing to lose, right? I needed an outlet to show my art. And with everything I planned on attending now being canceled, I missed having events to attend, and an excuse to get all dressed up… Thanks to social media, it’s easy + fun to check all the boxes at one time! 

Unique times call for unique measures. Thank goodness I love getting on video and I’m blessed to have this platform to express myself and do my work! I’m broadcasting LIVE art shows every week straight from my Instagrams. Each art show is essentially a flash sale featuring exclusive pricing offers on my artwork as I clear space to rebuild my art studio (almost done!) & offer new work on my new art gallery website.

Head to my new Art Gallery website for a special promo on your first time purchase.

Standing before BeLoved [now available in prints], newly added to

This week we saw originals available at exclusive show pricing, all made using repurposed materials. Thank you to everyone that watched, commented, and all the support- every bit goes a very long way for a small emerging artist such as myself.

Stay tuned and make sure you are signed up for my email updates to get first dibs on special sales, promotions + FREE shipping on US orders over 100. (a great chance to get a head start on your holiday shopping!)

Click [HERE] to shop

Blanca- Cameos from the rescue dogs, always.

ReFashioned Art was born from my passion for creating beautiful things and doing good for the environment; it is the merging of sustainability + style. I hope my art will bring beauty, positivity and a fashionable edge to your home and workspace.

If you have questions about any of the items shown or would like to schedule a video chat to see a piece in greater detail, please don’t hesitate to contact me [HERE].

Similar to what we wear on our bodies, what we surround ourselves with can lift us up or bring us down. A large part of my mission in pursuing my art professionally is to get as much beauty and art into other people’s homes and lives as I can. It is my mission to create More Style. Less Waste. 

If you're in need of some new art to elevate your wall space and uplift your mood, I hope you’ll check out my shop. All items can be found [HERE]. 

P.S. – I am constantly posting little behind the scenes updates and my daily looks on Instagram - follow me @ReFashionedArt + @iamlauramadden

If you miss me LIVE on Instagram @iamlauramadden, please check out my YouTube channel and my Instagram for the replays.

Stay tuned for the next LIVE Art Show with ReFashioned Art! I’ll be hosting another LIVE Happy Hour Art Shows/ flash sales throughout the week + next Friday 10/9. See you then!



Join me every week for my Instagram LIVE lineup:

Monday + Friday 10am PST ReFashionTalk LIVE @iamlauramadden

Monday + Friday 10:30am PST ReFashioned Art Art Show @ReFashionedArt

Friday 5pm PST Happy Hour Art Tour at Home @iamlauramadden


WHAT IS REFASHION? ReFashion is a word I wrote in a journal years ago, that was uncovered January 2019 while purging boxes of old journals. I then decided to name my blog ReFashion Report, and later branded my upcycled art ReFashioned Art. ReFashion is my word for the re-imagination of our relationship to fashion (and really all material things). ReFashion is the act of using fashion for good- to make ourselves feel good and to do good for the planet. 


ReFashioned Art. More Style. Less Waste. 

If you like my style and you care about the planet I hope you will follow my journey. Sign up for updates on my Fashion + Art work, and exclusive pricing offers [HERE].

I hope you’re enjoying these updates on my Fashion + Art work! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in any of the art shown, working together, or even just to say hello. Thank you for your support and following my work!



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